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What’S up everybody and welcome to my 2018 rules predictions the one night of the year that WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Live Stream Free. Apart from Helena cell TLC Elimination Chamber, Extreme Rules 2018 Live Free but forget that forget that, because we’re talking about, we have the raw Women’s Championship on the line champion. Alexa bliss, taking on challenger nya, Jax and apparently according to rumors. Extreme Rules 2018 These two have some real-life heat, so this match could be a real fight. It could be a real fight, so keep your eyes out for some real slaps, some hard chops, because you never know you never know. I’M sure these two, ladies, are professional and they’re. Not gon na hurt each other on purpose, but it’s an Extreme Rules match. So they might, you know, swing the kendo stick a little bit harder.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Live

They might put the other one through a table a little bit stronger than they usually would. But my pick for this match is gon na be Alexa bliss because, as I’ve said in the past, Extreme Rules 2018 Stream WWE friggin love Alexa bliss. I don’t know why, but they love her like. She is the next Stone Cold, Steve Austin Tag Team Championships. We have the champions Bray, Wyatt and Matt Hardy, the delete’ Asst of world’s taking on the B team bo Dallas Curtis axel undefeated B team. So that makes me think that the B team is gon na take home the bells.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Live Free

Why would you have them lose now that they’re on a roll I mean the crowd, Extreme Rules 2018 Predictions is behind them? It would get a huge pop, and I think that is the right result. That is what WWE should do, and that’s what I think they’re gon na do Mac down live women’s championship is on the line champion, carmella, taking on the Empress of tomorrow, Oscar with James Ellsworth above the ring in a shark cage.

Extreme Rules 2018 Predictions

My pick Carmela. Why I think James Ellsworth is gon na find a way to get involved, he’s gon na drop, something from the cage or he’s gon na distract Oscar. Extreme Rules 2018 Video Somehow some way Carmela is leaving Extreme Rules. Still Women’s Champion more Smackdown live titles on the line this time, it’s the tag, titles as the bludgeon brothers take on team hell. No, because I set the B team earlier. You’Ve already had that feel-good tag, team, title change, so I’m gon na say the bludgeon brothers.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Full Match card

I think they’re gon na hold on to those titles – maybe Brian and Kane – Extreme Rules 2018 are gon na have another shot at the next pay-per-view, which i think is SummerSlam, but I think dispute isn’t over. So, that’s why I think the bludgeons will hold on to it for now, but later that’s that’s a different story. That’S a different video, but for this video, I’m picking the Brothers of bludgeoning minute Iron Man match for the Intercontinental Championship champion: Noodlehead Dolph Ziggler, taking on challenger former champion Seth Rollins. Of course Dolph Ziggler is gon na have drew McIntyre in his corner.

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 TV info

Seth Rollins is the star of dub W right now he is the man he is. He is the big dog. Extreme Rules 2018 Full match He is the real big dog of WWE. That makes me think. Seth has bigger fish to fry. Do you want to keep Seth Rollins in the mid? Cart, he is the man plain and simple, so I believe it’s gon na be a hell of a match. It’S gon na be a war between Ziggler and Rollins, but I believe Ziggler is gon na come out on top, but Rollins.

he’s on his way to possibly the universal title, possibly possibly oh say. Can you see the us title is on the line Jeff Hardy, defending against Nakamura well-well-well schinsky? How many times how many times did he fail to win the WBA champion ship? Six? Seven! Extreme Rules 2018 Twenty and I heard a little story – a little rumor that Jeff Hardy is having some injury problems. So with that in mind, I think Shin skate is gon na pick up the win pick up the title Jeff might take some time off to recover to get some surgery or whatever he needs to do to get better, and I think schinsky needs a win after Losing and losing and losing so Shinsegae for the win and new United States Champion now a match that doesn’t mean anything finn: b├ílor Baron Corbin been ballot just bin Bella.

Next up we have the thick dark, Roman reigns taking on Bobby Lashley. Now this was supposed to be a number one contender’s match for the universal title, but, as we all know, Brock Lesnar does what he wants when he wants, which isn’t a lot and not very often son. Extreme Rules 2018 This match now has no meaning and who knows who is gon na fight Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam? My pick for this match Bobby Lashley. Why? Because I am bored I am bored of Roman reigns, trying and failing and failing and failing against Brock Lesnar he’s had shot after shot after shot, try something new and Bobby Lashley.

Extreme Rules 2018

He needs the win. He needs to win to make us all forget that horrible horrible Bobby Lashley sisters, storyline so Bobby Lashley for the win and Bobby Lashley against Brock Lesnar. I’M ok with that. I am ok. With that two big dudes doing battle, I will watch. I would watch that strowman against Kevin Owens in a steel cage match. Everybody is gon na pick braun strowman, because braun strowman is a beast, he’s a monster. He is a mountain. I’M gon na pick Kevin Owens.

Why? A because I’m crazy B, because I like to be different and see [ Music ] and see I had to think of a reason and see Kevin Owens needs the wing kind of like schinsky Nakamura needs. The wing Kevin Owens has been decimated, he’s been demolished, he’s been covered in blue gunk from a porta potti. He needs a victory, otherwise he is going down. The car faster than a skier goes down a hill. I mean Kevin Owens needs this win somehow someway. Maybe strowman throws him at the cage.

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The cage breaks, Extreme Rules 2018 Owens falls to the floor and he wins that way. But Owens needs to win. Owens needs to win Owens, it is a six-man tables match. We have the new day taking on sanity. I’M gon na pick the team of sanity same as Kevin Owens same as schinsky Nakamura sanity need the wing. They are new on Smackdown. They are new on the main WWE roster. So therefore they need the win new day they can lose. They are already popular they’re.

Already over they don’t need to win. Sanity needs the wind to give them some momentum. Otherwise, they’ve just been brought up to be javis, they’ve been brought up to lose, and sanity is too good for that. Eric Young Killian Dane Alexander Wolfe, and I think they are gon na take the W for the WWE Championship. We have my boy, the champion, a J star taking on challenger rusev. To me this one is pretty straightforward: pretty straightforward! The new WWE Extreme Rules 2018 2k 19 cover star is, of course, AJ Styles. He is the champion.

He is the cover star, the game isn’t out yet so when the game comes out, you want your cover star to be the champion right right. So there you go. That is my prediction: a.j Stiles, too sweet phenomenal is holding on to his WWE Championships. Sorry rusev, maybe one day, but not today, AJ Styles with the victory. Those are my predictions for rules. 2018.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below who do, Extreme Rules 2018 you think is gon na win? Who do you think is gon na lose and what do you think is gon na happen? Make sure you like this video hit subscribe and hopefully everybody enjoys Extreme Rules and hopefully catch you on the next video? No Finn, Yin you’re, not even in this video. Usually, I let you sit here, but recently you’ve been acting, really weird, so no you’re, not in the background of any more of my videos until you start to behave.

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